Personal development in business

I am not a trainer. I cannot guarantee your success. This is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

I have over 15 years of product and Team management.

I am a Psychologist with hundreds of hours of practice. Voluntarily.

I believe in people and the idea that a company values as much as its own Team.

This is why I could assist you discovering and exercising several aptitudes:

  • Timing and its efficiently management.

Time is the most valuable attribute we have. Time is not money, as the last 50 years convinced us. Money can be lost, saved or reclaimed. Time gets lost for good. How to avoid such lost we learn together.

  • Arguing with arguments and not desires.

When in ‚conflict’ of ideas with conversation partners we focus oftenly on what we want. Arguing is about best out of common interest.

  • Synthesis and critical thinking.

We lose frequently in details and we enjoy hearing our own voice. Synthesis means concluding, critical thinking is an analysis of all points of view. Do you master these?

  • You and your role in your team.

You are equally important to the team belonging same as the team is important to you. Your results are not possible without your colleagues, disregarding the division and titles.

  • Logic and speaking with others. Human beings are your business partners.

Fault ideas, convictions, articulation and actions are broken so frequently. Let’s work on it!

Workshops of personal business development. If interests you, we can stay in touch, together we may push your organization to the next level. Yourself, too!

Performance. Management. Excellence.