Searching for the right candidate

Occasionally several head-hunters include me in their list of referrals for position to be filled by their contracted clients. It is always surprisingly that when in real estate they look exclusively in the same industry for suitable candidates, who are specialized on multidisciplinary industries.

I am not a recruiter, I have all the chances to never be. Though, several ideas came into my mind when recently I’ve been asked if I could recommend marketing managers for shopping centers.

One idea is related to the strategy of the research. Another is linked to the right approach of the channels. The last one is to the successful delivery of the right list of candidates to the client.

Commonly is to source the candidates from competition of the employer. But what if, as in this case, the profession on retail segment is quite new, as the ‘product’ = shopping center starting to exist a few years ago. The third Bucharest shopping center opened in 2006, the last one in May this year (2015).

Therefore the experienced professionals in this area didn’t have the time to be formed. Actually, it is my opinion that there isn’t a large list of marketing experts on office, residential or retail, so long to be considered. Few masters the job and fewer will leave it for another box.

Most of the developments in real estate, excluding large developments of course, are using as marketing the external experts, like real estate agencies, PR or advertising, social media, etc. while their internal team is limited, occasionally, to a coordinator, rather than a manager of a team to handle all those experts. In some cases, there is no marketing coordinator, but only the owner, as manager of the entire development and sales/ leasing process (sic!).

So, instead of calling in only real estate marketing experts, why not calling in the experts themselves. Maybe they want to switch the industries and add to their professional life new challenges and perspectives.

There are so many professionals on the market with excellent background and great competences, who would rather welcome such an opportunity to enhance their professional experience.

Any services and profession requires first of all creativity and persuasive abilities, to convince and educate the client into the right direction. Especially, when services are to help them design and fill in a team of professionals.

It is my opinion that unless we add value to the basic, perfect process of our service, there’s no chance for our working environment to improve. Recently I met a MP of a recruiting company who declared they stopped working with clients who embarrass, offend and humiliate candidates at the interviews. That’s an example of creating a competitive advantage.

The excuse that the client does not want to do other than what considers at a point, it is not enough! Try harder and switch to plan B, C…..!

Photo credit: Flickr!