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The autumn in real estate

Bucharest, Romania 2015 The last couple of weeks gave us, Romanians located in Bucharest, the chance to be in contact with the latest trends in the residential segment of local real estate. There is this tradition of organizing fairs dedicated to the ‘real estate’ market, during autumn and spring, reflecting however just the housing progress. […]

Signs – walking in or out?

It is a long time since I started to be an independent consultant. Linked-in reminded me that there are 7 years already, this October (2015). During the lapse, I took, temporarily, various positions with several companies, on management service contracts, so that the experience I had gained to be shared, while the experience to be […]

Searching for the right candidate

Occasionally several head-hunters include me in their list of referrals for position to be filled by their contracted clients. It is always surprisingly that when in real estate they look exclusively in the same industry for suitable candidates, who are specialized on multidisciplinary industries. I am not a recruiter, I have all the chances to […]

market overview from Realty 2015

While it is obvious for all players on the market that there is a growing trend on all segments, residential seems to be most attractive, mainly because of its strong downshift since 2009. The recovery seems to be difficult for those products wrongly placed (market and location likewise) and priced, still the chances are for […]